Inside the Kitchen: Chatting with Chef Chris Pandel of The Bristol

Locally sourced, seasonal produce and a nose-to-tail approach to cooking have helped Chef Chris Pandel create memorable dishes at The Bristol in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. Pandel’s cooking is rooted in classic French technique, and this neighborhood eatery has been recognized as Best New Restaurant by GQ and Esquire for its rustic yet refined cuisine. Beyond the kitchen, Pandel is also a partner at B. Hospitality Co., the restaurant group that owns the Bristol and other area restaurants.

The Bristol opened in 2008; but Pandel’s experience as a chef stretches back to when he started as a line cook at age 16 at a restaurant in his hometown of Riverside, Ill. That was where he had his first experience with a KitchenAid® stand mixer.

We asked him to tell us about his experience with KitchenAid® products:

My initial experience with KitchenAid was at my first restaurant job in the mid-1990s. The KitchenAid was our only mixer in the tiny restaurant, and it was a workhorse. As I recall, there was rarely a time that the mixer was not on and running throughout the day. Looking back, that formed the opinion that I have today of the KitchenAid Commercial stand mixers – that they are heavy-duty and made for so much more than simple home cooking.

How do KitchenAid® Commercial products meet your daily food-prep challenges?
Our KitchenAid products are the workhorses in our restaurants. From mixers to dual-speed immersion blenders, they are much used and are the tools that are counted on to deliver consistently in high-volume settings.

What applications and foods do you primarily use the dual-speed immersion blender for? And the 8-quart stand mixer?
The KitchenAid Commercial dual-speed immersion blenders are used during service for emulsifying sauces to order, shredding items to achieve lighter textures, making dressings and pestos, and even tempering chocolate.

Our stand mixers are always on. I am making whipped salt cod for tonight’s service, using my 8-quart KitchenAid. From pastry applications, bread-making, savory applications and even grinding meat, the KitchenAid Commercial 8-quart stand mixer is the go-to for most everything.

Do these products give you the power and versatility that you need?
The KitchenAid line of products allows my kitchen staff and me to not have to worry about our tools, which is necessary in such a fast-paced business. The equipment holds its own when given tough duties, yet is delicate enough to maintain our high-end foodstuff.

How do KitchenAid® Commercial products help you serve high-quality dishes?
KitchenAid Commercial products allow us to keep our techniques [sharp] and standards high due to the quality of performance we can achieve by using these machines. They are durable, reliable and extremely functional for our day-to-day work necessities.

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